Why You Should Use Hemp-Derived CBD Products

Ever since the alleged health benefits were connected to CBD products, the demand for them has skyrocketed. They usually contain no THC, which is a component that induces the feeling of psychoactive high. These types of products come in various shapes and f0rms – from capsules and oils to creams and edibles. While they’re still being actively researched, the following three benefits are some of the confirmed ones related to the use of CBD products.

Improved Heart Health

High blood pressure and heart-related illnesses are less likely to strike those who take a moderate dose of CBD each day. It’s especially useful for people who’re subjected to large amounts of day-to-day stress. It helps the heart pump much more efficiently by reducing the so-called “stroke volume”. CBD can also regulate cholesterol levels and reduce oxidative stress. Even though most of the studies were done on animals, a couple of human-based researches have shown promising results. The full-spectrum hemp capsules and the CBD oil supplement from vitagenne.com are non-GMO, completely THC free and made in the US to help you reap all the benefits.

Helps with Pain Management

One of the most effective natural painkillers, CBD is especially convenient due to the almost complete lack of any side effects. The endocannabinoid system of the human body contains a lot of receptors, which is why it’s no wonder that these types of products are so efficient. Not only that – CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties work extremely well in combination with its stress-reducing nature. As far as pain reduction goes, it doesn’t matter if it’s acute or chronic, since it’s going to be just as efficient with both. The neurotransmitter interaction is what makes it perfect for pain and inflammation treatment.

Boosts Brain Function

Besides helping with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, CBD has a very beneficial effect on those who are recovering from addiction. It helps in reversing the already significant damage since it reduces the activation of the amygdala – a part of the brain associated with addiction. However, how efficient it’s going to be depends on the substance that was used. It seems to reduce cravings for nicotine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other heavy drugs, but there’s still further research that has to be conducted.

With no side effects, there’s nothing stopping you from taking advantage of the highest quality hemp-derived CBD products. At vitagenne.com, you can get both topical and oral products, depending on what you’re using them for.