Why You and Your Family Need Regular Eye Exams

Eye exams are as important as any other medical evaluation to ensure your body is functioning to the best of its ability. The same way you would get an annual physical, your eyes also need to be examined on a regular basis. Family Eye Care can get you set up with an eye exam and visual treatment to get you looking your best.

Purpose of Eye Exams

The purpose of an eye exam is to first check to see if your eyes are healthy. If your doctor detects a problem, a regular eye exam will ensure it was found at the earliest stage, making treating the condition and recovering much easier than if an issue was found too late.

Additionally, eye exams improve your vision with the help of prescribed contact lenses or glasses. Once your eyes have been thoroughly evaluated, your doctor will prescribe lenses that work best for you. Instead of living a life of blurred vision, contact The Meadows Family Eye Care and start seeing things clearly today.

Types of Eye Tests

During an eye exam, your doctor will determine which tests are appropriate for you depending on age, overall health, family history, and more. Some common types of eye tests include:

  • Eye Muscle Test: a test to examine the muscles that control the movement of eyes
  • Visual Acuity Test: a test to determine how clearly you can see both at a distance and up close
  • Retinal Exam: a test to examine the back of your eye and ensure your retina, your optic disk, and various blood vessels in the back of your eye are all healthy

When to Get Your Eyes Examined


It is recommended that children have their eyes examined for the first time between the ages of three and five years old. It is especially important that they have their eyes checked before they reach kindergarten or first grade to ensure they can see clearly in school.


As adults, if you have no vision problems, it is recommended you have your eyes checked every five to ten years until your 40s. Doctors recommend having your eyes checked every couple of years after the age of 40.

If you do have vision problems or require corrective lenses, it is recommended you have yearly exams to ensure your eyes are healthy and your prescription lenses are up to date.

Eye exams are vital to your overall health. To make sure your eyes are healthy and functioning to the best of their ability, contact Family Eye Care, and schedule an appointment today!