Opal Belly Button Rings

Opals remain a popular choice for those who love gemstones in their jewelry. These colorful stones feel like they have a secret to tell you, as you view the multiple flashes of colors in each stone. Opals are excellent choices for many types of jewelry, as they go with any colors you might choose to wear. One unique and unexpected way to wear this flashy stone remains to choose an opal belly button ring.

How to Take Care of Opals

Opals remain a relatively soft variety of stone. This feature makes the gem an excellent choice for belly button jewelry, as you probably won’t perform hard labor with your belly button. You do need to take specific care of opals, however, to keep them looking their best, such as:

Clean opals using warm soapy water. So, take a shower, wash your belly button, and you’re good to go.

Do not use chemical cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners for opals. These cleaning methods tend to destroy opals.

Avoid harsh environments and contact with your opal belly button ring.

Opal settings shouldn’t stick out from the ring. This type of setting protects the stone from accidental damage.

Types of Opals in Jewelry

Australian Opals

Australian opals get cut into cabochons and set into jewelry settings. Australia used to be the main area where opals were mined. Now, other countries mine these gems, as well.

Ethiopian Opals

Ethiopian opals are found in, you guessed it, in the Welo region in Ethiopia. This unique opal can absorb water and change color, too. Sometimes Ethiopian opals change color when wet, but turn back to their original hue when the stone dries. Please let your Ethiopian opal dry slowly and naturally, and don’t let them dry out under strong lights.

Healing and Opals

Opals remain associated with the star signs Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces. They are also associates with water and the birth month of October. The number related to the opal is eight.

Opals reflect the mood of the person wearing the stone. They get used to enhance:






The stone has been said to help people:

Release anger.

Improve feelings of self-worth.

Develop independence.

Enhance interest in the arts.

Heal infections and fevers.

Improve the desire to live.

Regulate insulin

Reduce pain levels.

Purify the blood.

Relieve female complaints.

Opals primarily get mined in Australia, Ethiopia, and in Mexico, though they remain found in several locations around the world.