Know The Benefits Of A Cremation Service

Like a burial ceremony, cremation is a mode of final right practiced by a community or a person as dictated by culture or individual preference. It involves the burning of the body and crushing of bones into fine dust or what is known as, ‘ashes.’

A cremation funeral is not common. One of the many reasons holding people back from having cremation as a final right is that they do not understand the process. For that reason, this article chooses to expound more on the steps taken through the cremation process.

1. Identification

What could be worse than cremating the wrong body? Here at Aaron cremation, one of the first steps we take before the cremation starts is to identify the body. This is done in the presence of the relative and loved ones to the deceased.

2. Preparation.

Once a proper identification has been made, the body of the deceased is cleaned and dressed. Jewelry and metallic objects like screws or metals added to the body after an accident are removed before cremation.

The cremator is also expected to be dressed appropriately in protective gear such a heat resistant attire. The furnace, also known as the cremation chamber or the fort, is specially designed to hold a fire hot to the 2000 degree. For this reason, it is easy to burn from a small heat wave if not appropriately dressed.

3. Transportation

Once the body has been prepared for the family’s satisfaction, it is placed into a light cardboard casket and transported to the cremation chamber. Here at Aaron cremation, we use caskets or containers that are highly combustible to achieve the best effect of cremation.

4. Cremation

Cremation takes about three to four hours. We at the Aaron cremation facility during this time allow the family to be present for the sendoff. The body is exposed to the direct flames which burn to about 2000 degrees, as mentioned before. Once the body has been cremated, the remains are left to cool off pending separation and disintegration.

5. Separation and disintegration.

After the body has cooled off, the cremator separates any metals left behind and moves them for recycling. The remaining bones that did not disintegrate are ground further and added to the other ashes. This ash weighs between three to nine pounds depending on the weight of the deceased before cremation. This is then put into a container or an urn provided by our facility or the diseased family.

Here at Aaron cremation, we sympathize with you during your mourning period. And for this reason, we acknowledge the importance of having an affordable send off for your loved one. We, therefore, offer low cremation costs enabling a proper and respectful sendoff.