Greek Chicken and Rice Soup with Egg and Lemon

If you were lucky enough to grow up near a neighborhood Greek diner, you may have cozy memories of enjoying a steaming bowl of avgolemono, a Mediterranean-inspired lemon rice soup. Simple yet tangy and irresistible, it’s quite easy to whip up as an appetizer or even a main dish. Here are tips on how to make greek lemon soup.

Lemon rice soup is quite versatile and can reflect the preferences of the cook. For instance, some chefs like to make it with chicken while others favor a vegetarian option. In any case, the basic steps are uncomplicated. First, you simmer rice or orzo in a pot of chicken or vegetable broth. While that liquid bubbles on the stove, you can separate some eggs, whip up the whites then add the yolks and lemon juice as well as part of the broth. All that remains is to whisk the soup as you add the rest of the liquid until it reaches the desired creamy consistency.

Of course, lemon rice soup is a staple of Greek fine cuisine recipes, but you don’t need to limit yourself to a Athenian theme. Serve this tasty broth accompanied by bread, tortilla chips and salsa or even alongside a robust Italian pasta dish. You could even substitute it for that run-of-the-mill hot and sour or wonton soup that your local Chinese restaurant tries to pass off as worthy. The bottom line is that this lemony rice soup goes well with just about anything and can make you feel as warm and cozy as you may once have been at that corner Greek diner.